Cleaning Services

MPK operated maintenance and cleaning service where we can be assured the quality, great service, and customer satisfaction every time.

We provide the following cleaning services with cost effective manner with customer satisfaction.

Office cleaning

Cleaning of office complex

Ware house cleaning

Villa cleaning , shopping malls

Supply of cleaners

Supply of office boys

Supply of cleaning boys

Carpet shampooing

Floor machine cleaning & puffing

Sofa , upholstery shampooing

General cleaning yearly contracts of offices, villas, flats, etc.

External & internal window cleaning of buildings

Carpet removing & gum removing

General cleaning services etc.



Chemical Products:

>> All purpose detergent

>> Pine disinfectant

>> Toilet bowl cleaner

>> Floor stripper

>> Carpet – shampoo

>> Restore carpet stain remover

>> Glass cleaner


Janitorial Products:

>> 3 tray janitorial trolley

>> Double bucket fired trolley

>> Kentucky mop

>> Spare Kentucky mope

>> Dust control mop sleeve

>> Window washing applicator

>> Window squeegee set

>> Caution wet floor sign board

>> Scraping machine


Other Products which we use:

>> Toilet rolls

>> Citrus pine disinfectant

>> Flower disinfectant

>> Hand wash soap

>> Glass cleaner

>> Cement remover

>> Lavender disinfectant

>> H.D Degreaser

>> Clorox